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Marble nails in several ways/ Step by step

Marble nails in several ways. Hi Dear, in one of the previous entries I wrote about how to easily create Sharm ornaments. Today, it’s time for something that we can conjure up as easily and quickly, i’m talking about marble nails. Marble nails are supposed to bring to mind the image of a natural stone. …

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How to create smokey nails. Step by step

Smokey nails? Yes Dear, as you know, changing trends every day bring us a lot of inspiration. The world of fashion, technology, computer science, music or art covers us with more and more novelties. Recently, the colorful smokey nails was of particular interest. Decoration that looks very impressive and bold. It would seem that it …

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Valentine’s nails – 12 suggestions for romantic decorations.

Valentine’s nails – 12 suggestions for romantic decorations. When all kinds of Christmas decorations have disappeared from shop windows, their place is occupied by red hearts, sweet teddy bears and everything associated with the theme of love. Yes, now is the time of ST.VALENTINE’S DAY. Personally, I’ve never been overwhelmed by a Valentine’s rage. Maybe …